MARIA RAKEL art wear

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Crossdisziplinary designers and developers welcome

You are planning a project, or you are exploring newly developed
fibers with unknown features? Then you might be looking for
suitable tools, machines and know how to put your plans
into motion.Or maybe you arrived at a certain point in your
career or education like working on a bachelor or masters degree.
Here the practical ralization of your ideas could create the base
for an impressive portofolio, a plus for any job interview.
The crazier your idea the more we would love to hear from you.
Crossdisziplinary designs and developments are welcome.
It is important to us to share our extensive knowledge and skills
in various textile and textile related techniques. This allows us
to work cross disciplinary in all areas of design in general,
but also in architecture and fine arts.
As many challenges of new and innovative projects can be solved
through ‘textile thinking’, we strive to expand the application
of all kinds of structural material options, also in architecture.
So we welcome the opportunity to assist you in creating and
realizing the seemingly impossible.

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